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The ultimate resource for freelance Driver professionals is here!

Freelancedrivers give coach, bus & truck drivers, chauffeurs, drive & guide operators, with PDP licenses the chance to find work and take on part time work outside of their regular job. This website puts qualified professional, licensed & experienced drivers directly in touch with various road & people transport companies that require their services for delivering goods, transporting clients, and more.

Do you need qualified professional drivers for your business or organisation? We can help!

Let our valuable database be your ultimate resource in securing top notch vehicle operators. We list top drivers who want to work on a freelance basis and who will make it their business to get you travellers and/or your goods safely from A to B.

How does it work?

Sign up for free, and simply enter the province or search by the date, to see the list of available drivers in your location. Once you have become a member, you can save your company profile, enter your contact and address details, and update the schedule when you require a driver. This ensures that you will always have easy access to reliable vehicle operators whenever it is required. Drivers can add personal details, work history, driving information, including type of driver's license and vehicle offered, as well as fill in availability, so that companies can make the best informed decision about who to hire.

To provide the best qualified and experienced offered by a comprehensive database of driving professionals, Freelancedrivers is an ideal option to take advantage of.

Are You Looking for a Driver?

Need to deliver a package to a client? Do your head office execs require an airport transfer? Search our database of qualified, professional freelancers to find the perfect driver for your needs.

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Do you drive a truck, car, van, bus or tour vehicle? Need a job or some extra part time work? We have a variety of small to large companies in need of different driving services.

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